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Traditional architecture


Stately impression


Romantic mood


Paradise of flowers


Luxurious accommodation


Evening atmosphere with spectacular view


Located in the traditional settlement of Leonidio and surrounded by enchanting landscapes, the A-Class Hotel “Hatzipanayiotis’ Mansion” invites you to enjoy a memorable escape full of amazing moments.


If you want to explore Tsakonia you have to walk it, dive into the magical seabed of the Myrtoon Sea, climb on the imposing Red Rock, visit the traditional houses with the distinctive Tsakonian architecture and admire the monasteries located on the steep cliffs of Parnonas. Of course, all these should be done with respect to nature. “Kaour ekanate sto Agielidi (Tsakonian dialect) = Welcome to Leonidio.


Hatzipanayiotis’ Mansion welcomes you every day after 18:00 in its wonderful courtyard in the shade of the majestic red rocks which rise like a wall above Leonidio. Sitting in our balcony and looking at the spectacular view, you can enjoy the freshly ground coffee Portioli, taste traditional sweets and homemade ice-cream and relax with our refreshing cocktails! A bottle of wine served with fine cold dishes is an excellent choice for such a romantic setting.

Τσακώνικα: Δραστηριότητες

Ο καλύτερε τρόπο να νιουρίσερε τ’ Άγιελιδη ένι να νι σεργιανίσερε, να καταβουκιθήρε το μαγικό πάτε τα θασσέ του Μυρτώου πεάγου, να μπαΐερε το θεζακουτέ Κοτσινόβραχο, να ζάρε τα παραδοσιακά αρχογκικά με τα ξεχουζιστά Τσακώνιχο τέχρα, να θαυμάσερε τα Μονασήζα όρπα του άγζοι βράχοι του Μαλεβού! Με σέβαση τα Φύση τσαί ταν Ελευθερία, πη ένι δία έντανη: «Καούρ εκάνατε τ’ Άγιελίδη!»