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Diving in the delightful bottom of the Argolic Gulf or the Myrtoon Sea and exploring their fascinating wealth is a unique experience. In the quaint port of Leonidio, Plaka, there is an organized diving centre certified by PADI. There, you can be trained in any level of diving you wish and also in diving accompanied by boat.

The diving centre offers you complete equipment or part of it, depending on your needs. You will also be informed for the organized diving excursions in the bays and the reefs of the region. For your comfort and safety, there is a special place where you can keep your equipment before and after every diving in order to make its transfer and restoration easier.

Those who want to explore for the first time the enchanting undersea world, aren’t obliged to follow a full training program since there is a special program for them which is called “discover scuba” or “snorkeling”.

Information – Equipment rental – Bottle filling:
Diving Centre PADI – UGLY DIVERS
Tel.: 6937175541 – 6932536393 – 2757022198


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