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Agios Vasilios

Old Path of Agios Vasilios

Walking route: H. M. Elona – Agios Vasilios

It is an enthralling walking route, not only due to the level of difficulty but mainly due to the diverse natural landscape. The ideal season to hike this route is spring because you can enjoy the running water of the streams of Parnonas.

Leaving Hatzipanagiotis’ mansion, follow the road Leonidio – Kosmas. At some point of the route, the monastery of Elona pops up perched on the red rocks of Parnonas. Stop at the stone fountain before the monastery and drink some gurgling water. Then turn left at the sign Palaiohori – Agios Vasilios. After 3.6 km leave the car and start an incredible three-hour walking route.

Walking down the path, you will see on your right small natural lakes with deep blue water. Take a short detour and move closer. Then pass the bridge and continue. Nature rewards you with captivating images, steep rocks, running water that gushes from springs and intense aromas of thyme, oregano, maple and cedar. Looking up, you will see the shepherds’ small stone huts built in unlikely places. Pass another bridge and continue walking. When you reach at the first green fields, the colors of spring welcome you with flowering almond trees, cyclamens and poppies. Walk along the stream before you go out on the road. The feel of the frozen pure water is indescribable. The road on your right leads to the village Palaiohori while on your right you can pass the third bridge and reach to Agios Vasilios. It is a small village in the woods with traditional houses and a picturesque square in the shade of the plane trees.


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