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Elona – Kosmas

Elona - Kosmas

Cycling Route: Elona – Kosmas

For enthusiasts and fans of cycling, the rest of the route from the monastery of Elona to the traditional village Kosmas in the altitude of 1150 meters is a challenge. Enjoy downhill from the monastery to the main road because…. the ascent begins.

The route for the first 260 m is not easy. In several high altitudes, after a tough uphill, stop for a short break in the characteristic right-hander with its impressive view towards the villages of Saint Vasilios and Palaiochori. Relaxation end!

Once again on the pedals, you pass the plateau at the place which called “Pournaros” having on your left, up a hill the chapel of Saint Dimitrios. Into the absolutely cool environment by the cedars and fir trees of Parnonas Mountain, keep going on a more even uphill. Keep forces because the magical image of the traditional village, Kosmas awaits you!

In a square full of plane trees and running water, you will have enough time to rest. Your goal was achieved. Good comeback!

Special thanks for the route to a veteran rider.


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