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H.M. Elona

H.M. Elona

H.M. of Virgin Mary of Elona

Historical monument (Ministry of Culture/Arch./B1/S30/50540/1116, SGG. 59/B/31-3/1990

Elona is one of the most beautiful and known monasteries in Arcadia. It is 14km away from Leonido, in the gorge Dafnonas on the road which leads to Kosmas. Built on a vertical and imposing rock, inspires awe since it gives the impression of hanging in the air.

The monastery was built in the early 16th century. The body of the church was constructed in 1809 and in the internal besides the wooden carved iconostasis there are relics, gospels and many offerings. The stone belfry was built in 1831 and it is believed that Virgin Mary’s icon was painted by Luke the Evangelist. During the Ottoman rule, the monastery was pillaged and set on fire several times. It played an important role at the revolution of 1821 and it flourished after 1875 with the contribution of the residents from Leonidio, Lakonia, Spetses and Ydra. The convent celebrates on Assumption (15th August) and on the memorial service held nine days after our Lady’s Assumption.


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