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H.M.Agios Nicolaos Karyas

H.M.Agios Nicolaos Karyas

H.M.Agios Nicolaos Karyas

It is worth a visit to the monastery despite the difficult dirt road. Take the road of Vaskina or go to the village Agios Andreas to follow another route.

The monastery is built in a deserted mountainous area of Tsakonia, at an altitude of 600m, one hour away from the historical castle “Orionta”. It inspires devoutness and according to the tradition it was constructed by monks from Mount Athos, who came here to save themselves from the pirates. But there is another version for its history, a Turkish document refers that the monastery was built in 1620 or 1621.

The church is small, built in Athonite style with an impressive dodecagon dome. The iconostasis is a masterpiece made of walnut while the floor is crafted in a folk way and represents some mysterious beings: a lion, a bull, a two headed eagle and a winged demon.


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