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Leonidio – Elona

Cycling Route: Leonidio - Elona

Cycling Route: Leonidio – Elona

Setting off Hatzipanayiotis’ mansion and bearing in mind a 31 kilometers route of asphalt start your ride for a memorable trip making always sure that you have both taken the necessary security measures and your bike is in good condition.

Leaving the city of Leonidio you will see on your left a large Mill. From there the view of Leonidio, the fertile plains and the huge red rocks are superb. Southwest in the background, the Monastery of Saint Nicholas “Sintzas” stands in the rocks. Continue with very smooth uphill, always having on your left the stream of Dafnona. In a relatively narrow and unexpected road, because of his several turns, you will be impressed by the lush beauty range available in nature! In the middle of your way, you can quench your thirst in the stone fountain with running water.

The monastery of Elona stands high uniquely! Just continue to the bridge. Passing it and having no longer the canyon on your right you are in the most difficult part of the route. Continuous uphill to reach an altitude of 550 meters, you will be rewarded by the view and the majesty of the landscape. The monastery was built over the stream of Dafnona and below steep mountains awe inspiring and devotion. This picture will be the relaxation of the fatigue of your journey.

For enthusiasts and fans of cycling, you can continue for the rest of the route to the village of Kosmas.

Special thanks for the route to a veteran rider.


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