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Leonidio Red Rocks Sector

Sector: Leonidio

Big Wall: It is the main long wall above Leonidio.

SN Difficulty Route Climbers
SOS, materials are very old ONLY for expert climbers. Published mostly for historical reasons.
Scheduled to replace materials at the climb “Pillar of Fire” – Read more …
1. TD-140m The turn C. Lampis – D. Karagiannis
2. ED+A2 220m On heroes and tombs L. Gianakoulis – M. Malakou
3. ED+250m Pillar of Fire D. Sotirakis – A. Theodoropoulos – more …
4. TD-120m KAPI A. Theodoropoulos – D. Karagiannis
5. TD-100m Thessaloniki 1 L. Gianakoulis – M. Malakou
6. ED 200m Excitement a. Theodoropoulos – D. Sotirakis – G. Kavalieratos
7. TD-100m The thirst of Arcadia V. Vroutsis – G. Georgopoulos
8. D 250m Edge of windmills A. Theodoropoulos – K. Zacharia
9. D-100m Relax N. Karampelas – K. Nikolopoulou

Republished from magazine Korfes


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