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Mansions in Leonidio

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Mansions in Leonidio

Arcadian architecture distinguishes for its traditional character. In Leonidio, the “tsakonian” architecture is characterized by a simple, plain, austere, geometric style and is indelible connected to the land, geographical, social and economic conditions of the region. The architectural influences from the wider Greek space, such as the Byzantine and the neo-classic trend of the Aegean architecture, are more than obvious.

Famous craftsmen carved carefully the stone from the Arcadian mountains, the finest material to build mansions. The well constructed houses combine the stone with the warmth of the wood and create a quaint, captivating image with cosmopolitan atmosphere. Ornate chimneys, spiral stairs and stone arches turn the houses into real masterpieces.

The most well known mansions with strongly defensive characteristics are those of Tsikaliotis, Hatziroudis, Noufris, Ouranis, Hatzipanagiotis, Zografos and many more.

Tsikaliotis’ House

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This historical monument was constructed by Constantinos Tsikaliotis whose family was one of the oldest and most important families in Tsakonia. Tsikaliotis as a member of the “Society of Friends” contributed considerable funds and equipment to the struggle for liberation and lent a lot to the New Greek state. The stone-built fortress was constructed in 1808 based mainly on byzantine influences and is one of the most typical defensive constructions in Peloponnese.

Ouranis’ House

It is the house of the poet Costas Ouranis (real name Costas Niarhos) who was born in Istanbul in 1890 and lived in Leonidio in his early childhood and youth years. He was strongly influenced by the environment of the village and this is evident in his first poems. The Red Rock, the plain with the citrus trees, the sea, the torrent Dafnonas across his house with the oleanders and the plane trees are imprinted in his work.

The internal spaces of the house are decorated with impressive painted ceilings.


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