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Tsikaliotis’ House

Tsikaliotis’ House

This historical monument was constructed by Constantinos Tsikaliotis whose family was one of the oldest and most important families in Tsakonia. Tsikaliotis as a member of the “Society of Friends” contributed considerable funds and equipment to the struggle for liberation and lent a lot to the New Greek state. The stone-built fortress was constructed in 1808 based mainly on byzantine influences and is one of the most typical defensive constructions in Peloponnese

Tsikaliotis’ House is built in a typical L shape and it has got two floors. The first floor is divided into two rooms and there is a fireplace in the back narrow space. The front welcoming room has got a wonderful wooden ceiling decorated with slats in diagonal layout.
Upstairs, there are two wooden doors. One of them leads to a lovely living room with perimeter windows and skylights and the other one leads to “ontas”, a room with a carved ceiling and an arch with double curvature. At the back of the floor there is another fireplace which shares the same chimney with the fireplace of the first floor. In addition there are warehouses, arched rooms (camares), a cistern and an oven, signs of autonomy and self-sufficiency!

The yard is surrounded by a high stone built fence with a defensive tower on its corner. The whole building is full of gun apertures and there is also a room with a crypt, which means that the residents tried to protect themselves from enemies. Admirers of history, folklore and tradition should visit this architectural jewelry.


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