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Monastery of Elona

Monastery of Elona

Walking Route: Monastery of Elona

Just a few meters from Hatzipanayiotis Mansion, on the way to the Monastery of Elona, near and yet still unique spot to enjoy all the magic natural images of Leonidio, is the great Mill!

Since you’ve admired the view, take a deep breath. Being equipped with the appropriate footwear, a bottle of water and maybe something sweet, but mostly at a steady pace, you can start for a difficult hiking trail. Due to the passage of cars, great attention to the narrow and asphalt road. With the accompaniment of the torrent “Dafnona” and lush natural surroundings, hiking will be anything but enjoyable!

Halfway, near the stone fountain with running water you can quench your thirst for sure! Grab the opportunity for some beautiful pictures! The Monastery is perched high over the red rocks of the mountain «Parnonas»!

Take a deep breath and go for the other half of the route. Cross the bridge and at a steady pace you will walk for long uphill turns. You have now reached an altitude of about 550 m, surrounded by low tops of Parnonas!

Gearing, a stone step downhill takes you inside the monastery! The reverence and awe, which causes the place, will provide you the required relaxing break!


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