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Leonidio - Pragmatefti

Walking Route: Pragmatefti – Leonidio

Starting from the village Pragmatefti or having already walked the path from the square of Sapoynakeika right up there, you can enjoy another hiking heading towards Leonidio. It is a stone path which in the 1950s united the villages with the main road leading to the Argos. Thereby contributed to the development of commerce and trade in the wider area of Kynouria.

So start walking through the narrow stone path from Pragmatefti near the plateau, which is called “Lakes”. The unique view of Myrtoon Sea behind you will make you stop many times! Who could resist the perfectly deep blue! In a relatively dry landscape oaks and olive trees, give green touches in nature. Frequent meetings with wild goats will surprise you pleasantly.

Continue with slow and steady gait. The sinuous ascent, you will face on the route will not let you get very tired. Follow the path until you see in the distance Leonidio. The panoramic view of the village would be unforgettable. The fertile plain, the vermillion rock, the traditional houses, the torrent of Dafnona and Tsakonian people will welcome you!


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