15 February 2019

Climbing in Leonidio

Climbing means moving on a vertical or sloping hard surface, using special techniques and movements. There are three types of climbing. The “aid climbing” which is done with rules, special movements, protection and the use of rope,

“bouldering” which is climbing on short low routes without the use of the safety rope having as protection a cushioned bouldering pad and finally “solo climbing” which is done without protection measures.

The Climbing Park in Leonidio

Undoubtedly Leonidio is inextricably linked to the impressive 250m high slope that lies imposingly over the city centre. The Red Rock, as locals call it, inevitably attracts all eyes.

The first attempts of climbing on the Red Rock were done by D. Sotirakis and A. Theodoropoulos who followed the route “Pillar of Fire” during the 80’s and monopolized the residents’ interest.

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Latest climbing news in Leonidio

27 years later, the continuous efforts of the famous Swiss climbers Claude and Yves Remy to open new climbing routes, were finally advanced. During their stay in Leonidio, they marked out almost 25 new routes of height 25-40m and degree of difficulty 5-7c. There is more to come! Lovers of climbing will have the opportunity to see the completed presentation of the routes soon.