17 November 2020

Coaching for Climbing (1 to 5 days)

Leonidio is well known for the big variety of climbing routes. Short and powerful, long and pumpy,tufa climbing or vertical crimpy routes are different ways that will make you get to the next level of your climbing. This program is for climbers with some experience,  interested improving their physical, mental and technical aspects in rock climbing.


-for all levels

-warm up and recovery techniques

-injury prevention exercises

-Transition from indoor to outdoor  (movement, tactics, route reading, ethics)

-safety rules

-mastering top rope and leading skills

-risk factors and proper falling techniques


Day 1 Self Assesment and goal setting

Day 2  Working on the weak points, get confident on rock

Day 3  Active recovery with alternative techniques

Day 4  Projecting a route

Day 5  Final improvements and long term goals to reach in your climbing



  • 4 days at the rock with a climbing coach(5 to 7 hrs per day with practise and theory)
  • 4 sessions yoga for climbers,(45 min streching for relaxing whole body and mind)
  • 1 leaded active recovery day (sightseeing, hiking, massage).


The program follows the basic principles of training – variety, progression, overload and individualization