17 November 2020

Hiking Holidays (1 to 4 days)

Our guided hiking tours are taking place in  outstanding landscapes of Leonidio valley and its surroundings. Come and breath fresh air and  enjoy the nature with us.


Hike 1 –  The majestic Kokkinovrachos  3 hours (moderate)

The very first thing you see when coming to Leonidio is the majestic southface of  Kokkinovrachos  rising up 447 m above the sea level. This hike will take you to the top of Kokinovrachos where you get a stunning view far to Myrtoan sea and down to the fertile valley of Leonidio. Our path starts from the village, passing almond and mandarin tree fields,  uphill via worldclass climbing sectors and the highlight of the day is reaching the top. Walking time 3 hours, distance 7km



Hike 2  Agios Georgos, the mountain village of Kosmas (3 hours) easy

We start our day with a car ride following the beautifull Daphnon gorge. A stop at the Elona monastery on the way to Kosmas will leave you breathless. Before starting our hike from the mountain village of Kosmas,  we can fill our bottles with fresh springwwater from an old marble fountain.Our path goes through the spruce tree forest and continues following a little forest stream under the walnut and chestnut trees. The lowest point of our hike is little chapel of Agios Georgos (915m). From the chapel we start turning back towards uphill and closing our hike with a nice circle.

Walking time 3 hours, distance 7,62km


Day 3  Active recovery,  Morning streching, a guided trip to nearby village, recovery massage


Hike 3 Leonidio, the valley of mandarins

Mandarins, oranges, lemons!! Roses so high that you cannot believe. In between Myrtoan sea and Parnonas mountain massive lays the beautifull Leonidio. This hike will take you around the fertile valley, we hike to the chapel of Profitis Elias on the south and to the  old windmills on the north and finally through the farmlands we reach Plaka, the harbour of Leonidio.

Walking time 4 hours . Distance 12 km


Recommended to have with you – good hiking shoes. Snacks, water (recomended 1,5 liters), sun lotion


1-4 clients 1 guide

5 and more 2 guides