17 November 2020

Rock Climbing Holidays (1 to 5 days)

What could be better than exercising your whole body surounded by nature and beautiful landscapes!Whether you are weekend warrior or wanting to participate for the whole 5 days, this program will give you a good starting point for future climbs.  We use top rope technique which is the safest and most fun way to learn to move on the rock.  Recommended for people who are looking for an active holiday with no or little experience in climbing.


Day 1  getting comfortable with the rock and the equipment

Day 2  Foot placement exercises

Day 3  Active recovery, includes Morning streching, a tour aroung the valley, recovery massage

Day 4  improving body balance

Day 5  choosing your own project route



  • 4 climbing days|(4 hrs practise per day )with an instructor
  • 4 sessions yoga for climbers ( 45 min per session)
  • 1 leaded active recovery day (sightseeing, hiking, massage)
  • climbing equipment


1-2 clients 1 guide

3-6 clients 2 guides