NIFADA (19 Climbs)


17 August 2017

NIFADA (19 Climbs)


Drive from Elona to Kosmas. At the 3th loop you can park. Follow the red tickmarks in 20min to the crag.


Grade: 7a+ – 8c+


 7c    15m

Baukraxler L1

7c-8a    15m

Wings of life

8b   30m

Donkey Kong L2

8b/b+    30m

Bergsteigerkante L1

8a    10m


 7a    15m

Baum des Lebens L2

8c+    25m

Angi Orangi L1

7a+   15m

Rainbow Warrior

 8c    25m

Bergsteigerkante L2

8b+    20m

Der Igel schlagt zuruk

 7c    20m

In memo Martin L1

7a+/b    15m

Angi Orangi L2

8a+    35m

K3 Climbing

7c+    15m

Bernie Musculus

 8a    15m

Stelli Mantritsch

 7b    15m


 8a+   25m

Donkey Kong Junior L1

 8a+    25m

First Class

 8a    15m


The Crag was found in November 2014 by Thomas Wanner and Patrick Trois. They told their discovery to Angy Eiter and Bernie Ruech. Bernie and Angy were fascinated about the rock quality and wanted to come back as soon as possible. So they started already 3 month later in February 2015 to bolt this crag. And because of the cold and icy conditions in that part of the year, the crag got it`s name „Nifada“ which means „Snowflake“. They have bolted a few lines in February but didn`t climb any of them. So later in May they finished their work and climbed all the routes in between 2 weeks.


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